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2017 Alumni B Newsletter can be downloaded below

2017  Brebeuf Alumni Newsletter.pdf 2017 Brebeuf Alumni Newsletter.pdf
Size : 2399.669 Kb
Type : pdf
2017 Brebeuf Alumni Football Pledge card.pdf 2017 Brebeuf Alumni Football Pledge card.pdf
Size : 76.736 Kb
Type : pdf


The Brebeuf Alumni Association's aim is to keep alumni in touch with their alma mater, the association, and each other.

Brebeuf College School is an all-boys, Catholic high school located in Toronto, Canada. Founded by the Jesuit Fathers in 1963, and also associated with the Presentation Brothers since 1984, Brebeuf continues to mould and prepare its students academically, physically, and spiritually to become "men for others" and leaders.

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