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“Brebeuf rewards hard work and eager application.” – Brebeuf Mission Statement

Brebeuf offers almost thirty special awards given to its Graduating Students. Some are monetary in value and worth up to $5000. All winners receive a permanent plaque to keep and have their names inscribed on an annual plaque (if applicable).

All students are considered for most awards (except for the needs-based scholarships and Knopfel and Monaghan Scholarships listed below); however, it greatly helps the Selection Committee if students have submitted a summary of extracurricular activities since Grade 9 (clubs, teams, volunteering, work, etc.) both in the school and outside the school. The summary should have the following headings:

ACTIVITY          DATE(S) i.e. Grade 9,10,etc        SUPERVISOR’S NAME

This summary should be attached as a PDF file at by Friday, May 19 at midnight at the latest. 

Brebeuf also offers three Needs-Based Scholarships and two other Special Awards that require students to write an essay. See the following for more information.



The following Graduation Awards are intended for students attending post-secondary education based on need. This means your family would struggle to pay for tuition and expenses.

Gerry Tanner Scholarship
For Students Attending University
$2500 (could be divided between multiple winners)

Marcus McInerney Scholarship
For Students Attending University or College

Catholic Women’s League Scholarship
For Student Entering an Apprenticeship Programme

To apply for the above awards, go to

The deadline is Friday, May 26 by midnight. Absolutely no late applications can be considered. 
Questions can be directed to Mr Da Costa at the email above.



Peter Knopfel ’81 Memorial Scholarship
This Award is given to a Graduating Student who has shown academic and social achievement through a strong sense of commitment. It is worth $5000 (but can be divided between multiple winners).
To apply for this award, go to:

Deadline is by Friday, May 19 by midnight. No late applications can be considered. Questions can be directed to Mr. Da Costa.

The Father St. Clair Monaghan, S.J. Alumni Award

This Award is worth $250 and is given to a student who has shown strong academic ability, has participated in extracurricular activities, and who shows a desire to be involved in the Brebeuf Alumni Association by keeping classmates in touch with the school and each other.

To apply for this award, go to

Deadline is Friday, May 19 by midnight. No late applications can be considered. Questions can be directed to Mr. Da Costa.

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